Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists, LLC

1201 E Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85020
33.537971 -112.055910
4.97/5.00 average rating
175 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (175)

 5     Maureen 02/23/2017
Best auto repair shop around.

 5     Dana 02/09/2017
Kelly Clark Automotive Specialists -- You have taken the best care of my vehicle for well over a decade. Thank you!!!

 5     Ana/Michael 02/09/2017
Great customer service. Everyone is so nice and takes the time to explain everything to you. I would definitely recommend it!!

 5     Laroy/Joanne 02/02/2017
The folks at Kelly Clark are always great to work with!!! That is the only place we will take our cars ....

 5     Ken 02/02/2017

 5     Andre 01/14/2017
When I take my car to Kelly Clark Automotive I do so with the confidence that I will be well informed about what my vehicle needs to have done to keep my car running at its best. I value any and all honest Mechanical recommendations for my car and I trust that the work done on my car will be done right every time.

 5     Charise 01/11/2017
My late hubby knew a little about vehicles and kept ours going, along with the use of coupons at various repair shops. On my own, I didn't know who to count on, and took a chance connecting with my neighborhood Kelly Clark because they are close by, have been in business a long time, have great reviews and convenient hours for me. Their service techs have gained my trust through kindness, patient explanations, attention to detail and guidance in helping me determine what repairs are of utmost importance and what can be delayed in an effort to keep costs in check. Their expertise and reliability give me peace of mind, and I'm one grateful Kelly Clark customer!

 5     Craig/Karen 12/31/2016
Great Staff! Very friendly and helpful.

 5     Billie/Bob 12/29/2016
Easy to schedule! Efficient, professional, heads up re: potential future maintenance, timely!!!!

 5     Stan 12/15/2016

 5     Sandra 12/01/2016
I have always counted on Kelly Clark (especially Jesse, but everyone there has the same work ethic) to be helpful and honest in keeping my cars in their best condition over the years. I have recommended them to friends and family without hesitation. Thanks!

 5     Dana 11/21/2016
For the nearly 17 years Kelly Clark Automotive has been my vehicle maintenance "go-to" team, I have been consistently pleased with your vehicle service and your customer service. Thank you!!

 5     Kathleen 10/27/2016
I do not have lots of extra money to spend on my car and yet the car is vital to my work.When I bring my car to Kelly Clark I am assisted with information that gives me the options to spend my dollars on the important safety issues and when necessary leave the cosmetic fixes to a time when I have more discretionary cash. Thanks!

 5     Megan/Mary Kay 10/13/2016
The best shop in Phoenix!

 5     Carol/Cj 10/13/2016
We bring all three of our cars to Kelly Clark and have done so for over 4 years. If they see a problem developing, or something that will need replacing within the next several months, they tell us so we can plan for it. We appreciate their service and are very satisfied.

 5     Jon 10/13/2016
Reliable and accommodating

 5     Kevin/Diana 10/13/2016

 5     Ken 10/06/2016

 5     Barbara/Paul 10/06/2016
Always have a great experience since I found Kelly Clark. They have been the best!

 5     Rod 10/06/2016

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